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Escape Alcatraz

The Story

It’s an early morning in June 1962. You’re locked in a cell in the notorious Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, the most secure prison ever built, for a crime you didn’t commit. In this high-stakes thriller of an escape room, you and your white-collared cellmates will have 60 minutes to break out of your cell, slip past the guards, and cross the San Francisco bay before you’re discovered. Can you and your team work together to take back your freedom? Or are you destined to spend the rest of your days sweeping the cold, damp halls of….Alcatraz!


About The Activity

  • The activity is 75 minutes in duration (special arrangements can be made to reduce the game to 60 minutes if required), and will be hosted on Zoom, Meet, or a similar platform (Zoom is our default unless otherwise requested).


  • The theme of the game, Escape Alcatraz, loosely follows the plot of the famous 1962 escape attempt of Alcatraz prison.


  • The price of the activity is USD $18 per participant (includes the activity + a digitally-framed souvenir photo for each participant)


  • We run the activity by splitting the total group into teams of ~5 using breakout rooms (teams can be pre-assigned or randomized, according to your preference). A live "Warden" (one of our staff) will be assigned to each breakout room team to facilitate the activity.   


  • Teams will  play the game concurrently from their own breakout rooms, and will be “competing” against each other to see which team can escape the fastest and using the fewest number of hints.  At the end of the session, we'll have a really fun awards presentation where we give out some individual/team awards and announce the final results.
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